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90 Day Creator

Sign up for the 90 day, step-by-step, university quality interactive training that will help you gain more followers, more leads, build thought leadership, win business, earn influence, and create incredible content consistently and efficiently.

**You'll have access to the class the Monday after you sign up in order to align with the work week** 

You'll receive the following:

  • 90 Days of Engaging Bite-Sized Actionable Video Training- Dr. Dinin and team will be holding your hand via daily videos, activities, and worksheets that will help you build the habit of posting confidently and consistently so you grow your followers.
  • Live Q&A Every Other Week with Dr. Dinin and Team- Every other week you'll get to interact live with Dr. Dinin and his team so that you can deepen your knowledge, get unstuck, and accelerate your growth.
  • The Audience Accelerator Workbook- This step-by-step no frills guide will have you making content in minutes and will be your strategic planning guide as you grow your audience.


1. Membership in the 90 Day Creator Community

This is where my team and I will share new resources, research, and insights, respond to comments, and where you will share links to your posts, ask for feedback from the group, and support each other.

2. Audience Acceleration Labs University Certification

This will prove that you've taken a university quality course from Dr. Dinin so that you can use it to increase your prices, negotiate a higher salary, and win more business.

3. Access to the Audience Acceleration Labs Library

Here you will find all the resources you need to excel: hundreds of examples and suggestions for hooks, lead magnets, carousel posts, video and post examples, interviews, always growing and being added to. You will always have great examples and ideas to leverage and never get stuck.

4. Access to the Weekly Content Accelerator

The most common roadblock to building an audience is not knowing what to post. We solved this with an weekly email that sends you content ideas or 2 to 3 questions to help stimulate your creativity so that you plan your content for the next week.

5. **One Personal Consulting Session**

A 30 minute coaching session from Dr. Dinin and team once you've completed the course, where you can get personalized and specific feedback on your social media and business strategy from Dr. Dinin himself so that you can ensure you're on the right track.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee If all of the following are true for you:

  1. You’ve completed the first 30 days of the program
  2. You’ve created and posted 6 posts during the first 30 days and got 0 new followers
  3. You’ve commented on at least 12 people's posts that aren't following you during the first 30 days
  4. You’ve completed each end of week survey


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What People Are Saying:

I gained 33,000 followers since I joined this class!

Neve Greenwald

This is a life changing, game changing situation. I've spent a small fortune on taking classes and courses for growing my social media, how to stay relevant, all this kind of stuff. And in all honesty, most of them are either a file that they've created on Canva, and you never speak to an actual person, or they're going to tell you stuff like find trending audio and do a dance...That's not what most of us are looking for...Their entire approach is so different...it's all about how something small makes the biggest difference...Don't hesitate. These are wonderful people who truly care about the people that they're helping, and you will not regret 1 minute of it.

Beth Recchio

...because of the TikTok rules we devised as a class, I had reworked my content to appease the algorithm and my niche, adding 4,000 new followers to my account by the end of the semester.

Derek Deng (As seen in Cosmopolitan)

I had one TikTok hit over 600,000 views!

Aeneas Peebles

Before I sell anything, I have to believe in it, so when I partnered up with Dr. Dinin, I had to make sure that what he was saying worked. I started following his teaching and in a little over a month I got 100 new followers on LinkedIn, and generated 4 more prospects for my consulting business. It works!

Chris Leithe

I always thought about creating content on the internet as an art, but because of this course, I began seeing it as a science as well. The goal was to help us build a creator mindset, and by all means it helped us achieve that goal. Frankly, the creator mindset will serve anyone well in the 21st century.

Michelle Tom