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7 Day LinkedIn Accelerator: Full Access

Join Dr. Dinin's 7 day course and learn how you can start growing and monetizing your LinkedIn today!


  • Class 1: Establishing Your LinkedIn Presence
  • Class 2: How to Create Quality LinkedIn Content
  • Class 3: How to Design a Successful Post
  • Class 4: How to Get People to See Your Posts
  • Class 5: How to Get People Interacting with Posts
  • Class 6: LinkedIn Hacks for Building Audiences
  • Class 7: Monetizing and Long Term Growth

What People Are Saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The Audience Acceleration Lab has provided me with concrete data that inspires me to keep at it with social media. In the first 30 days I have increased my views by 180% and gained followers much faster than I had in the past. I have posted 30% more than I was and I thought I was posting a lot! The daily videos keep me accountable and motivated to take action.

Katelyn Maginnes