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The Expert Guide to Grow and Monetize LinkedIn. Dr. Aaron Dinin, faculty at Duke University, teaches how in just 7 days you can learn the key tactical strategies to grow and monetize your Linkedin and accelerate your business!


‚≠źWhat Students are Saying:‚≠ź

Dr. Amna Shabbir

"Since taking this class, I was able to tap into the deeper reasons and impact of my social media presence, productively work through roadblocks. The quality of my posts have been transformed. The feedback I have received has helped my posts get more reach, attract the following I had hoped for -leading to more engagement with prospective coaching clients."

Beth Recchio

"This is a life changing, game changing situation. I've spent a small fortune on taking classes and courses for growing my social media, how to stay relevant, all this kind of stuff...These are wonderful people who truly care about the people that they're helping, and you will not regret 1 minute of it."

Katelyn Maginnes

"The Audience Acceleration Lab has provided me with concrete data that inspires me to keep at it with social media. In the first 30 days I have increased my views by 180% and gained followers much faster than I had in the past. I have posted 30% more than I was and I thought I was posting a lot! The daily videos keep me accountable and motivated to take action." 

Michelle Tom

"I always thought about creating content on the internet as an art, but because of this course, I began seeing it as a science as well. The goal was to help us build a creator mindset, and by all means it helped us achieve that goal. Frankly, the creator mindset will serve anyone well in the 21st century."

Allison Barnett

"I have to say that I love your course!  Like, seriously… your personality, your simplicity, and your info are all great."

Andreas Dankelmann

The course was incredibly helpful for me in building my social media presence. By teaching research-based strategies for consistency, overcoming fear of public sharing, and follower growth, this course gave me the tools I needed to start growing my audience. After taking Audience Accelerator,  I have implemented their strategies and have doubled the number of followers I gain each month!"

Why This Course Works:

This university-quality course was created using research-based principles for building audiences on LinkedIn. It wasn't created by someone who just got lucky once. It's created by one of the world's leading experts and been formatted to fit the life of busy professionals:

‚ĚĆNo long homework assignments

‚ĚĆNo 2+ hour lectures

‚ĚĆNo useless information

By the end of this course you will:

✅Know the secrets for increasing your followers and social media presence on LinkedIn

‚úÖUnderstand the secrets to monetizing those followers into new and repeat customers

✅ Know how to establish your LinkedIn Presence and post quality content on LinkedIn consistently

What You Get When You Sign Up:


✅7 days worth of short course videos from Dr. Dinin explaining how to set up your LinkedIn, how to post great content, and how to grow your following to get more professional opportunities.

✅ 30 days of access to the 7 Day LinkedIn Accelerator Community where you can ask questions directly to Dr. Dinin and his team, collaborate with other course members, amplify your posts, and join live Q&As.

✅ Discounted access to Dr. Dinin's more comprehensive courses like 90 Day Creator!


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The Course Topics:

Class 1: Establishing Your LinkedIn Presence

Class 2: How to Create Quality LinkedIn Content

Class 3: How to Design a Successful Post

Class 4: How to Get People to See Your Posts

Class 5: How to Get People Interacting with Postsd

Class 6: LinkedIn Hacks for Building Audiences

Class 7: Monetizing and Long Term Growth

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Who is Dr. Dinin?

Every year, Dr. Dinin teaches 100's of Duke University business school students, undergraduates, and professionals how to successfully build their audiences on social media. 

He's been featured on the Today Show, the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, and more, and he's helped students build and monetize audiences reaching millions of people across various social media platforms including LinkedIn.

Dr. Dinin's research-based methods for growing and monetizing LinkedIn audiences are based on decades of study, and now you can access his proven strategies for just $54!


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