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Our free webinar is the first class of the course. You'll learn how "Trend Jumping" can help you dramatically increase follower count. You'll learn the basics of "Content Niching" and how to make your audience engage. Learn the fundamentals of Hook Testing and how you can use it to go viral and increase views.


Dr. Aaron Dinin

Dr. Aaron Dinin is a successful entrepreneur, writer and teacher who earned his way into one of the top tech accelerators in the country. He has customized a research based process that he personally followed to grow his fan base on platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Medium, earning him up to $2,000 per article he posts. He accomplished this without tricks or TikTok dances and now teaches entrepreneurs all over the world how to do the same. Using this strategy he also built a 5 star podcast that has given him access to interview some of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world like the founders of Foursquare, Kickstarter, Vimeo, Flickr, Etsy and many others.


Dr. Dinin has been interviewed by the Today Show, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and several other media outlets. 


His success led Duke University to ask him to teach their students how they could better leverage online media to build their businesses and give them a leg up as they graduate. He even helped one soccer player at Duke increase his followers from 15,000 to 115,000 in a matter of a few months.

Chris Leithe

Chris Leithe has helped over 10 startups accelerate their growth through sales, marketing, and business development strategy. At Citrix, Chris helped 10x revenue from $5MM in ARR to $50MM and was instrumental in growing the team from 30 sales reps to 300. At Adwerx he built out a sales strategy that increased sales from $11MM in ARR to $27MM.

Chris focuses on evidenced backed innovation and metrics driven strategies to improve revenue acquisition and retention. He takes a values, empathy, and Human based approach to business that allow his teams and customers to grow and thrive in performance based environments.

He coaches CEOs, VPs, Sales Managers, and Reps how to bring in business in a scalable, repeatable, measurable, and customer centric ways. His passion for personal and professional growth and development has helped him learn through his failures and lead to his clients and teammates achieving their business goals, earning promotions, and unlocking value…all while having fun along the way.

What Students Are Saying:

“I wish more professors taught classes as practical and useful to life beyond college as Dinin... Easily the best professor and class at Duke. No question.”

- Anonymous Duke Student

" Prof. Dinin gets you thinking about TikTok in a way that's totally different than how you used it before.”

-Anonymous Duke Student

“This class is an awesome way to engage with social media and learn more about it. Dinin is growing his own platform, and he brings his input from his experience into the class. Would take this class again in a heartbeat.”

-Anonymous Duke Student