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Video Course: Social Media Training for Busy Business Professionals 

Taught by Dr. Aaron Dinin, faculty at Duke University, 90 Day Creator is a video course that teaches research-backed methods for building and monetizing audiences on any social media platform.


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What Makes This Course Different:

Instead of wasting money on a course taught by someone who got lucky on social media once, 90 Day Creator is taught by Dr. Aaron Dinin, a leading expert on social media brand building. 

The course was created using his research-based principles for building audiences on ANY PLATFORM. This university-quality class has been formatted to fit the life of busy professionals:

‚ĚĆNo long homework assignments

‚ĚĆNo 2+ hour lectures

‚ĚĆNo useless information

By the end of this course you will be:

✅ Posting quality content consistently

‚úÖGrowing your followers and social media presence

‚úÖLeveraging what you learn to build your businesses or careers

Throughout the course, students get direct access to Dr. Dinin and his team, so you can come away with a social media strategy specifically designed to fit your needs.

Watch Some Sample Videos

Who SHOULD Take This Course

Busy Professionals Who:
  • Want to become thought leaders in their industries but haven't found the time or an effective strategy
  • Want to convert their followers into paying customers
  • Feel like the content creation process could be easier
  • Have hit a plateau and don't know what to do next
  • Need a content strategy or fresh ideas
  • Want a community to share ideas with, support you, and hold you accountable

Who Should NOT Take This Course

People who:
  • Are not convinced that social media content will drive new customers
  • Want to "get rich quick". Content takes time.
  • Don't want to make a positive impact
  • Aren't interested in¬†contributing to the community and giving back

What's Include in This Course:

90 Days of Short Videos 

Don't worry, the unicorn was OK. 

Each day, for 90 days, you'll get a short, 2 to 5 minute video with new strategies and advice for creating content people will love so you can learn to consistently and reliably build a social media audience.

Every video¬†includes a small action item that'll help you make steady progress toward your goal. This is not your old professor's boring lecture class ūüė™!¬†This course takes an exciting, steady, and progressive approach to learning about social media content creation.¬†

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Live Q&A Sessions With Dr. Dinin and the Community

The Q&As are how you keep from getting stuck.

During the live O&As, you can ask¬†‚úč Dr. Dinin for clarification on¬†concepts, get feedback on actual posts before or after¬†sharing them, and learn content strategies¬†from¬†fellow community members¬†as they share what has and hasn't worked for them.

The active, passionate community is one of the best parts of the course! They'll support you through the ups and downs of this journey.

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 Tools, Worksheets, and Workbooks

Models, worksheets, and workbooks are popular because they work. We have developed¬†ūüĒ¨ systems and tools to help you along your process so you always have a roadmap for creating your content and building your audience.

Our worksheets and workbooks help you identify your strengths as a creator, what platforms are most valuable based on your customer base, and your core story arcs that will generate audience engagement and business.

Access the Resources

>>Get These Bonuses When You Sign Up Today (AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME):<<

Personal Coaching Session from Dr. Dinin

A 30 minute coaching session with Dr. Dinin and team once you've completed the course. Get personalized feedback on your social media and business strategy to ensure you know how to apply everything you learned in to you and your career.

Membership in the 90 Day Creator Community

A passionate community of fellow creators who can give real-time advice and feedback. You'll also have access to the new resources, research, and insights Dr. Dinin and his team are regularly developing, curating, and sharing.

Audience Acceleration Labs Library

A constantly growing collection of resources as well as hundreds of example posts. Explore and learn from vetted examples to help perfect your hooks, lead magnets, collabs, thirst traps, and other techniques for growing audiences on social media.

AAL University Certification

An Audience Acceleration Labs certificate to share on your website, LinkedIn, and other public profiles to show potential employers and clients you've been trained on social media audience building by one of the world's leading experts.

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What Students are Saying:

Allison Barnett

"I have to say that I love your course!  Like, seriously… your personality, your simplicity, and your info are all great.

To start, keeping info to videos of 1-5 minutes makes it great for someone like me to squeeze in…even at midnight.  You hold my attention very well, obviously thanks to my nieces, because my attention span is limited and I managed to make it through all schooling on the foundation of cliff notes and flash cards. "

Beth Recchio

"This is a life changing, game changing situation. I've spent a small fortune on taking classes and courses for growing my social media, how to stay relevant, all this kind of stuff. And in all honesty, most of them are either a file that they've created on Canva, and you never speak to an actual person, or they're going to tell you stuff like find trending audio and do a dance...That's not what most of us are looking for...Their entire approach is so's all about how something small makes the biggest difference...Don't hesitate. These are wonderful people who truly care about the people that they're helping, and you will not regret 1 minute of it."

Michelle Tom

"I always thought about creating content on the internet as an art, but because of this course, I began seeing it as a science as well. The goal was to help us build a creator mindset, and by all means it helped us achieve that goal. Frankly, the creator mindset will serve anyone well in the 21st century."

Actual Videos from the Course: 


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Frequently Asked Questions

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