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How WINNI Designs Reached Over 6.5MM Followers! interview Feb 29, 2024

How to Grow Followers on Social Media: A Masterclass from WINNI Designs

In today's digital landscape, growing your social media following is akin to mining gold. It requires strategy, persistence, and a bit of creativity. Catherine and Misha from WINNI Designs offer a goldmine of insights into this process. With millions of followers across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, their journey is a blueprint for success in the social media realm.

Start with Why: The Power of Purpose in Social Media

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How This Social Media Videographer Tripled Lead Flow for His Client Jan 23, 2024

Aaron Lympany, founder of Rhymes With Timpani, is a visionary in the realm of social media marketing. He applied his unique filming approach, scripting, and humor to help Chameleon Digital Dental Triple…yes TRIPLE their business in under 9 months.

Part of his success stems from creatively using humor to liven up brands. He shares his tactical advice and insights in the interview above (see our summary below): 

  1. Humor Builds Authentic Connections


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How Chameleon Digital Dental Tripled Their Business by Leveraging Video on Social Media case study interview video Jan 10, 2024

How a traditionally “boring” B2B business transformed their customer acquisition strategy from outbound to inbound using social media video, tripled their business, and made their founders famous.

Quick Background

Chameleon Digital Dental was initially a conventional dental lab with limited customer reach, predominantly relying on traditional outbound sales methods. They would go door to door visiting dental offices trying to sell their service, only to be stopped most times by...

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