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Dr. Aaron Dinin has been teaching Entrepreneurship and Building Global Audiences at Duke University for almost 10 years and has helped hundreds of students go from business idea to reality. One of his most popular classes is his Building Global Audiences class that teaches Duke Students how to grow their followers across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and More.

Building an audience is like building a house: it's an asset that holds value over time and one that will pay dividends the more you invest in it. We all wish we had invested in that house years ago, but we didn't, and now it feels even more expensive then it did back then. Don't let the same thing happen with social media. Invest in it today so it pays dividends in the future.

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 Real Course Outcomes


Most of Dr. Dinin's students start with no following beyond friends and family; some start with large audiences of over 100K. Wherever you are in your journey, Dr. Dinin teaches the best practices that will help you build your followers repeatedly and consistently. 

Here's the good news:

  • One student grew his followers from 15,000 to over 115,000 in one semester
  • Another student grew her followers by 33,000 in a few months, starting with just a handful
  • One student got over 600K views on a post because of principles that Dinin teaches
  • Another student grew his followers by over 100K in ONE WEEK following best practices taught in the class
  • Dinin himself uses his best practices to create several posts that generated over 1MM views each 

 Here's the bad news:

None of this happens fast. There are far more students who don't succeed than do succeed. It's just the truth. Those that don't succeed determine for whatever reason that they don't want to do the work and be consistent. And that's ok, it's not easy to build an audience otherwise everyone would do it. So you have to make up your mind: Are you willing to put in the effort or do you want shelve your dreams?

What's in the Course:

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University Quality Content


As a lecturer at Duke University, Dr. Dinin has tested his material on the top students in the country. You will always have access to the class content (all live trainings are recorded), handouts, and exercises. You will come away with strategic and tactical plans for building a consistent and growing social media presence.

A Brilliant Community


Innovative ideas are always pouring out of this community, people want to figure out what works and share it with their community. This is where a huge amount of value is created. Quickly figure out what works, what doesn’t, and what can be tried next to accelerate your growth.

Discounted Services


Audience Acceleration Labs is run by successful technology entrepreneurs who design products to make life easier, especially for creators like you. As a part of this class you will have access to all of the amazing products coming out of the lab for a significant discount. 

Why We Believe This Course Has the Best Chance of Getting You Results:

Dr. Dinin's course has been designed from the ground up to deliver time tested insight and wisdom that will apply to building global audiences REGARDLESS OF WHAT PLATFORM IS CREATED NEXT. Dr. Dinin has done his best to future proof this course so that you can take the insight with you to whatever platform you want to use. 



  1. Not Time Tested: There are many online classes teaching social media. The problem with most of them is they're focused only on what works today, which means the lessons they teach become quickly out of date. In contrast, Dinin’s approach is deeply rooted in timeless creator theory and best practices and doesn't expire. The strategies taught will be just as valuable 10 years from now as they are today. 
  2. Not Quality: Most online courses instructors have never taught a course. Dr. Dinin has designed and tested this course over several semesters at Duke University. He weaves stories, narratives, examples, data, and real life experiences through the course so that you get a well rounded view of the core principles and tactics. By the end you'll come away with actual resources to build your global audience.
  3. Not Repeatable: Most courses teach why they THINK they went viral without understanding the core principles of WHY they went viral. Dr. Dinin will teach you how to repeat the success with consistency and help you understand the true reasons and details behind what works because of his thoughtful research based approach (they don’t just give out PhDs to everyone).

  4.  Not Scalable: Many courses talk about the tech stack they used to be successful, but they never revisit and analyze what could make them more efficient regardless of industry. In essence, it becomes a full time job, which just isn’t possible. We’ll talk about how to most effectively batch the creation of your content to minimize the time it takes to grow your audience.

  5.  Not Tactical: Theory is one thing, but the practice is another. What scripts and engagement types actually work to build your audience? How do you actually write effective headlines and choose effective cover images for your posts? Are there principles for testing these theories? The answer is yes, and there is finally a course that will show you how to do this.

What's The Value? Ask the Students:

"I had one post get over 600,000 views!"

"I grew my followers by 33,000!"

"I wish more professors taught classes as practical and useful to life beyond college as Dinin...Easily the best professor and class at Duke. No question."


"Hands down best class I’ve had at Duke. Not a hard class at all...a lot of the assignments don’t feel like work because you’re literally doing things like looking at TikTok."

"This class is an awesome way to engage with social media and learn more about it...he brings his input from his experience into the class. Would take this class again in a heartbeat."


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Cost per Duke Class: $3,777
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